Month: January 2021

Signs of Teenage Anxiety Disorder

Teenage anxiety disorder is a common problem seen in many adolescent kids and it is cause for most problems in teenagers. All the children undergo through cluster of changes, both physical and psychological during their teen years. Apart from these changes, most kids tend to develop a kind of anxiety that is result of environment around them including exam pressure, peer pressure, other worries about their future and sudden changes.

However, parents and other people around cannot recognize the real cause of problem because they are unaware of its signs and symptoms. Once you find that you child is suffering from some sort of anxiety, you need to take action immediately. If left untreated, teen anxiety can cause various other health diseases. You can search for an effective teen anxiety treatment on

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Read below to know the common signs of teenage anxiety disorder. According to several anxiety forums written by experts and the parents of teenage children, each child might have different signs. For instance, it may differ from a child who shows anxiety occasionally to a child who has chronic problem.

• Disturbed sleeping pattern is a sign of this disorder. If your child sleep too much or a too little, he or she may be having this problem.
• Another sign can be panic attacks and difficulty in breathing. It may reflect that the child is under pressure or stressed. If your child seems more worried about the things that are not important or do not make sense, he might be having anxiety disorder. Sometime they may think that they are going to die or having a serious disease or getting crazy.
• If your child thinks of an impending doom for which there is no reason, this is another sign.
• According to the one of the anxiety forums, anxiety is the mental state where worry, nervousness, fear, panic and anxiety are main characteristics.
• These signs may include elevated heart and pulse rate, breathing difficulties, headache, dizziness, on-off-again eating habits, nausea, sleeping disorder and more.